Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm pregnant

This is a post I used when guest blogging for my sister Mary Alice last year

I was given the nickname practical sis for a reason, I'm well, practical. I think things through; I plan, check off lists, organize, and say and do everything after carefully weighing all the pros and con's. I'm type A to the max. It came as no surprise to my sisters that I went straight through college, worked for two years before getting married, and then two years later got pregnant with my first son. It was all carefully planned and executed perfectly. However just when you think you have your 2.2 kids planned out in the perfect suburban neighborhood, life throws you a curve ball. This particular curve ball happened when my son was 6 months old. I was starting to feel so tired and not quite myself. In the morning I was almost, oh bleep this is the same feeling I had when I was first pregnant with my son. So I took a test just to check, since I was sure I couldn't possibly be pregnant. Well the gods must have been laughing at me, because as soon as my pee hit the stick a plus sign popped up clear as day. It might as well have said "who do you think you're fooling."

So after a few tears, I made a few lists and thought it all over and decided I could handle this and it would all be ok. There were lots of pros to have siblings close together and really my con list was quite small. Now the hard work began, I had to tell the sisters.

First I called "Mary Alice Mean Face" and she is nicknamed mean face for a reason. As soon as I spelled the beans, she burst out laughing and just couldn't stop. I spit out angrily "stop laughing, it's not funny, and the only reason you're really laughing is because your girls are only a year and half apart." She continued laughing saying, "I know that is why it is sooo funny."

Next I called Jo. This is my "take it as it comes" and "you really can't plan for anything" sister. "Oh my god, I can't believe it, I just don't even know what to say, I think I'm in shock." My come what may, sister was about to have a full scale panic attack on my account. "I just can't imagine, I mean I don't think I could do it, I mean I'm sure you'll do great, but if I found out I was pregnant right now, oh my god I would freak out, I am freaking out, I feel like it is happening to me, I mean it's you, but what if it was me." I reassured that it was actually me that was pregnant, and that she did not need to get pregnant anytime soon so she could relax.

Lastly I called Katrina. "Shut up, you are so lying" she shouted into the phone. I spent the next five minutes trying to convince her that no in fact I was not lying, I was really pregnant. "So" she asked very confused "did you plan to do this?" "Yes I know it is shocking that something might happen that I didn't plan, but no, I didn't plan this." "So it was an accident?" "Well I would prefer to think of it as a surprise." Wow that was tough. Now that I had the hard part of telling my sisters finished, I think I can handle two under two. No problem, as long as I make a list and check it twice.